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Sun City Center
Charitable Foundation Inc.

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Greater Sun City Center residents live in a very special place ... Unique to Sun City Center is our small-town community spirit.  We never forget the fundamentals of our community success, and welcome all newcomers with open arms. We are a community of volunteers who reach out to help those less fortunate and recognize the importance of charitable giving as the cornerstone of a fulfilled and contented life.



Discover some of the many ways that the Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc.
is improving the quality of life in our beloved community and how we are trying to address community needs.  Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc. is a good  community to donate to.  We guarantee the funds go to memorable causes and our products support the charitable organization.

Veteran Section
Eagle represents Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial

The Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with local military and community organizations recently saw the successful completion of the Veterans Memorial in Sun City Center.  It was our goal to construct a Memorial that honors our past, current and future male and female veterans and their families while at the same time promoting civic pride.

Engraved Bricks. For our beloved veterans, what better way is there to pay tribute to their courage and sacrifice than to purchase a commemorative brick memorial? We are also sponsoring the opportunity to purchase engraved bricks to be used in the construction of the Veteran’s Memorial.

Honor a Loved One on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day consider supporting SCC Charitable Foundation by purchasing an engraved brick. Funds generated from these sales are utilized to maintain the Veterans Memorial in front of Community Hall at 1901 S. Pebble Beach.


Bricks can be purchased in memory or in honor of a loved one or friend. You, as an individual or as someone representing a business, club, or organization, may show your appreciation for this memorial by purchasing an engraved brick. On veteran-specific bricks, you have the option of adding clipart representing the branch of service. Forms are conveniently located at the memorial itself, or you can order online from our website 
Pictured above at the Memorial is Walt Cawein, President of SCC Charitable Foundation.

Purchase an Engraved Brick



Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc. has various events throughout the year.   Come and  join in on the fun.  

  • Veterans Memorial

  • Hi Neighbor

  • Fun Fest

  • Distributing Grants to Help others with their great cause

Sun City Center
Volunteer Emergency Squad
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Sun City Center Volunteer Emergency Squad


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