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Sun City Center Veteran's Memorial

This Memorial was made possible through donations made to The Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc.  Our Charitable Foundation is in cooperation with local military and community organizations recently saw the successful completion of the Veterans Memorial in Sun City Center. It was our goal to construct a Memorial that honors our past, current and future male and female veterans and their families while at the same time promoting civic pride.

Discover some of the many ways that the Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc. is improving the quality of life in our beloved community and how we are trying to address community needs.

Donations are welcome for  the continued care of the memorial.  

Purchase Engraved Bricks for our beloved veterans, what better way is there to pay tribute to their courage and sacrifice than to purchase a commemorative brick memorial? We are also sponsoring the opportunity to purchase engraved bricks to be used in the construction of the Veteran’s Memorial.  If you have questions about ordering, please send an email to or

call 813-340-0533 or order your bricks online here.

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