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Join the Great Neighborhoods Project
What could your neighborhood do with a little extra money? Sun City Center Charitable Foundation Inc. is launching the Great Neighborhoods Project to make our community an even better place to live. Our active retirement community is one of the most successful and we want to continue to build on its wonderful neighborhood qualities. The goal is to have Sun City Center looking its best to celebrate its 60-year anniversary in 2021 and for decades to come.

Phase 1 

The Foundation is interested in helping SCC home Owner Associations ( HOAs) and residents to apply for Hillsborough grants and other forms of grants or assistance available to refresh and enhance our neighborhoods' common areas. Each year Hillsborough County's Office of Neighborhood Relations offers mini-grants of up to $5000 for projects aimed at bringing neighbors together and boosting community pride. The deadline for the mini-grant application is in August. Mini-grants can be used for a wide variety of projects, including community gardens, butterfly gardens, benches, signs and landscaping and much more.

County Tree grants are available up to $2,500 for trees and drought-tolerant shrubbery. Tree grant applications are due September 30. In addition Adopt-A-Pond program can help improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and improve the appearance of your neighborhood pond. The county provides expert guidance, free native pond plants and cleanup assistance, if needed. This program is a pollution prevention program and adopting the program's techniques may be a cost savings since your HOA may be able to decrease use of herbicides, fertilizers and other chemicals in and around your pond.

The Foundation held meetings to provide an overview of this project and provide more information about County Grants uses and eligibility requirements. We will assist with application preparation for your group, and with grant management if your neighborhood is selected for a grant.

Phase 2

Curb Appeal workshops and ideas for residents landscaping.

Contact Us

Great Neighborhoods Committee Chair:

Denise Chamberlain

Email Denise at

Project -  Tree Grants

Tree Grants are available for neighborhood tree planning projects on a continuing basis until available funds for the grant are depleted. Applicants may receive grant funding every two years with a maximum of $2,500 per HOA.

Golf Course

Project - Adopt-A-Pond

The Pond Program helps improve water quality, wildlife habitat and creates a more attractive landscapes for ponds that are County owned or with one or more drainage easements dedicated to the County. If eligible, HOAs receive expert guidance, a one-time cleanup of the pond and free native pond plants to enhance and improve the pond. Applications for the Pond Program are accepted at any time with the County Public Works Department.


Project - Neighborhood Mini-Grants

The Neighborhood Mini-Grant (up to $5,000 per association) supports activities that improve communities, strengthen neighborhood associations and encourage civic involvement. Multiple SCC HOAs were awarded Mini-Grant funds that were pooled.  

Discover the beautiful ways that the Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc. has helped  improve the quality of life in our community.  People in the Brockton Place can now enjoy a peaceful sitting garden.  


​If you are ever in our community, pay a visit to Brockton Place and enjoy our little peaceful heavenly garden on earth.


Enhance our Neightborhoods' common areas

Sun City Center Charitable Foundation Inc. is interested in helping SCC Home Owner Associations (HOA) and residents without HOAs to apply for Hillsborough grants and other forms of grants or assistance available to refresh or enhance our neighborhoods’ common areas.

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